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Why, hello there!

My name is Katrina, and I’m a Lifestyle photographer, based in San Diego, CA, for those who love life and aren’t afraid to enjoy it. Documenting adventures, laughter and homemade memories are my jam.  

I’m a Wisconsin-born,  free-spirited, music-loving, outdoor enthusiast who thrives on living close to a body of water (lake or ocean, doesn’t matter!) I love all things artistic and am 100% guilty of constantly challenging my creativity and biting off more than I can chew. You know, the “let’s start a new project and never finish it” sort of thing? Photography, however, has always been my grounding staple.

The magic of capturing a glimpse of this wild life we live, into one still moment, and spinning that into a web of creative visual beauty?!? ….It’s the one thing I can never get enough of.

So where does that leave us? First, let me tell you how I got started. After receiving my BFA degree in fine art from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, I headed west to sunny California.  I worked years as a graphic designer as well as behind-the-scenes in various art + photography museums [including Museum of Photographic Arts in the beautiful and infamous Balboa Park].  

However, it finally occurred to me. There was one thing missing…my love of working with PEOPLE! Oh snap. There it was. 

This takes me to where I am now, with my camera in hand, ready to meet you!

I want to not only create images that are artistic and creative, but that make you feel alive, tell your story, and bring out the beauty and uniqueness in you! Let’s connect! 


*Oh, and by the way… I fancy adventures outside of my home base, so please check in to see if I’m in your neck of the woods or if we want to arrange some traveling adventures. 





Why Katrina Marie Photography?

Love From Our Fans
  • "Although the beach was packed, Katrina made it seem as if we had the beach to ourselves. The professionalism and grace of Katrina's talent and personality was truly shown when photographing our 2 year old - I love all the pictures!"
  • "Her creativity and free-spirited nature sets Katrina apart from other photographers. Her ability to capture the little moments is why I would 100% recommend her to anyone! She puts her heart and soul into her work and truly cares about making her clients happy."
  • "Katrina's high energy and passion for photography is contagious and made the experience so enjoyable! The photos are absolutely beautiful and will be cherished for years."
  • "Her ability to relate to children was nothing short of amazing. She quickly had our entire group laughing and singing the hit song from the Lego movie. Katrina was able to capture our children's true personalities, all while outside, bundled up for a photo shoot in the snow!"
  • "She made us feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way! We had nothing but a great experience!"
  • "Her passion for her work is so apparent. She is endlessly creative, has enthusiastic energy, and guided us through both a maternity and family shoot in a seamless way capturing natural and raw images. We will certainly use her as our photography for years to come!"
  • "Katrina is an extremely talented, creative, and perfectly energetic photographer. We constantly receive compliments from others on our pictures hanging up in our condo in Chicago"
  • "Katrina has a unique way of making a photo shoot easy and relaxed. Especially when photographing apprehensive little ones. Her patience and cool, calm manner allows defenses to drop and the magic of the moment to shine. She's a true gem."