a little about...

Katrina Marie



Why, hello there!

I’m Katrina,  a Motherhood + Family Lifestyle photographer, based in San Diego, CA.  Documenting motherhood, adventures, laughter and homemade memories are my jam.  

I’m a Wisconsin-born,  free-spirited, music-loving, outdoor enthusiast who thrives on living close to a body of water (lake or ocean, doesn’t matter!) I am a bubble of energy,  love all things artistic and am 100% guilty of challenging my creativity. 

The magic of capturing a glimpse of this wild life we live, into one still moment, and spinning that into a web of creative visual beauty?!? ….It’s the one thing I can never get enough of.

After encountering a rather challenging pregnancy, and now experiencing the pure heart-bursting joy of parenthood, I am passionate about ones unique motherhood story. Being a queen of nostalgia, and a true believer of having mothers behind the lens, I am here to document your days. 

This takes me to where I am now, with my camera in hand, ready to meet you!


*Oh, and by the way… I fancy adventures outside of my home base, so please check in to see if I’m in your neck of the woods or if we want to arrange some traveling adventures.